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Types of Gates that Add Security and Aesthetic to Your Home


Gates are not just mere entryways to houses. They also serve as the first lines of protection for properties, whether from stray animals or trespassers. In addition, they are commonly used to establish limitation on certain borders or territories. Aside from functionality, gates can add an aesthetic touch to residential properties with their intricate designs as well as the materials they are made of.


Based on their sizing, residential gates Brighton come in two types. The first type is the single walk gate and the second, double drive gate.


o   Single Walk Gates


Single walk gates are the types intended to accommodate only pets and people. At some extent, smaller-sized vehicles as scooters, motorcycles and bikes may also be made to fit single walks.


These types of gates are very popular in country homes that have picket fencing, in which the gates will be hinged on a side and latched on the other. Usually, a single walk is built to stand as tall as the fencing that’s surrounding it.


o   Double Drive Gates


Double drive gates are usually installed in large mansions and city houses. They come in 2 panels which open right in the middle, creating a space big enough to allow the passage of cars. These 2 panels are both hinged on their outer sides.


Generally, double drive gates are built much taller as compared to single walks. They primarily prevent any person from climbing over the gate. Most home owners opt to have a padlock or chain secure the latch right in the middle of their gates Brighton for added protection.


Over time, more and more homeowners are looking into getting new installments and improvements for their residences. As a result, even metal fabrication specialists such as Just Metal are pushed to come up or at least stay up to date with the newest innovations in their trade. Two of such innovations are the sliding and electric gates.


o   Sliding Gates


Sliding gates are a new type with a very different mechanism. Instead of being pushed forward or backward to open, this type of gate is slid sideward for the creation of an entryway. Sliding gates are built with tiny wheels just underneath. These are what will allow a panel to slide right into the other. Owners of properties that have very limited space will benefit from the use of this type.


o   Electric Gates


Electric gates are the newest products of modern technology. These are operated either by security keypads or remote control and are mostly considered for superior security and, not to mention, convenience.


Materials Used to Build Gates


Residential gates Guildford are made out of a variety of materials.  Among the currently most popular include wrought iron, aluminum, steel and wood.


Wrought iron is most known for its malleable and resilient property. In addition, it welds very easily, making the molding work very convenient for fitting specialists as Just Metal. Usually, wrought iron comes with vertical railing in the model and some complex patterns on its top and bottom parts. Some homeowners desire for theirs to come with sharp, pointed spikes on top just to deter potential intruders.


Homeowners who have high regard for privacy usually settle with solid undecorated panels. These are the best choices when it comes to preventing passersby from getting a view of the property interiors. Residential gates Guildford of this type are most often made of aluminum, which is light but durable. Wood and steel may be good choices as well.


Whichever type of gate you need for your home and whichever material you wish for this to be made of, Just Metal can offer you the best solution to your needs. Just Metal is a metal fabrication and fitting service that’s been in practice since 1948. They are sure to guarantee workmanship and service standards of the highest quality!